Alexia Claymask




We have two different types of claymask for different purposes (Claymask pasts & claymask powder)
1)The CLASYMASK PASTE is used for acne (e.g) pimples,rashes, Ezema, spots to dry up excess oil on the face that causes the acne
Apply a thin layer in the face avoiding thee lips and eye areas. Leave it for 7-10minutes and rinse it off with warm water

2) CLAYMASK POWDER: is used for inflamed pimples, rashes, Eczema, spots and rough face to dry up excess oil on the face.
100% natural lava clay from volcanic origin, it’s a mixture of different plants.
Direction: Add a tea spoon of clay into a spoon of warm water, make it like a muddy paste not very liquefied let it react for 2-5 minutes then mix before using, apply it on your face for 5-7 minutes approximately on the face, wash heavily afterward.


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